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  Baldo Martinez is one of the most representative musicians of contemporary jazz made in Spain, away from the currents of American Jazz and very much in line with European Jazz Current, alternates his musical activity between Jazz and free music improvised, and their sources of inspiration range from folklore to contemporary music.
  Collaborations with musicians such as Kenny Wheeler, Jorge Pardo, Carlo Actis Dato, Javier Paxariño, Maria João, Paolo Fresu, Joachim Kuhn, Louis Sclavis... Founder of groups such as TRIEZ with, Ramón López and Agustí Fernandez, MBM Trío with Antonio Bravo and Lucía Martínez, or ¡ZAS! Trio with Marcelo Peralta and Carlos González "Sir Charles"
  In this space you can discover your current projects and those that have marked a long career full of music.


Carte blanche for Baldo Martínez at the
Vitoria Jazz Festival 2023

Música Imaginaria is inspired by different currents of the jazz avant-garde.
Six prominent musicians from the Spanish and Portuguese jazz scene with great projection in contemporary European Jazz participate in this, a meticulous selection both for their instruments and for their creative capacity.
It was presented in concert on July 5, exclusive premiere at the Vitoria Jazz Festival

 “Baldo has produced a greater work of our contemporary times, with a lot of organic substance released in a sextet between musical arrangements as exciting as hieroglyphics”

-EL MUNDO-Pablo Sanz-             

“Vitoria: Baldo Martínez and María Schneider great orchestras”

 JAZZMAGAZINE-Robert Latxagüe

“Baldo Martínez premieres his jazz with success in Mendizorroza”

“If it has to be qualified, the collection of songs by Baldo Martínez takes cum laude”

“….the truth is that those responsible for the cycle were right because the premiere was a success in terms of quality”

“And this is how this project has come to light, like a journey through his musical universe, where they fit from the roots of folklore to contemporary jazz, without forgetting free improvisation”


“Baldo is a style in itself, part of the (tiny) family of Spanish jazz players with a European sound.”

 “It was Baldo Martínez in its purest form: music of open spaces and infectious groove; between the demand of the complex rhythms, the contrapuntal melodies and the free cry of the soloists; dreamlike textures, playful passages, almost circus lace accompaniments, folkloric textures of that

Galician landscape and mythology so deeply rooted in its sound. And space, lots of space for individual expression.”

 “From the expanding energy and irrepressible talent of Coll to the imaginary world, the trademark of Baldo, capable of invoking silence and concentration in the always difficult space of Mendizorrotza.”

-EL CLUB DE JAZZ.COM- Carlos Pérez Cruz 


“In short, a success of the festival, a great job by the musicians who provided a

A unique experience for the respectable and a sports center that without presenting a clear full house, as is customary on the other hand in the first days of the festival, showed a warm appearance and a willing crowd, almost hungry for art.”

-NAIZ-Santiago Noriega


June 2020


Lucía Martínez, drums and toys - Juan Saiz, flutes and saxophones - Baldo Martínez, double bass

Recently released on the british Leo Records label
Presentation at the 
Madrid Jazz Festival on November 15

June  2018

Publication of the Cd "CUARTETO EUROPA"

Dominique Pifarély. . . . . . . Violín
Samuel Blaser. . . . . . .Trombone
Ramón López. . . . . . . Drums and percusion
Baldo Martínez. . . . . . .Double bass


November 2017

New CD of ¡ZAS! Trío


PORTADA-Ok- Armstrongjpg

October 2016

Publication of the Cd


Baldo Martínez Grupo


Press December 2018

"Cuarteto Europa, a new reference for the continental Jazz."

"Their members don’t know it but their actions are already having a direct impact on the European Jazz scene."

"Justice is self-explanatory as the group brings together four of the most powerful and representative jazzmen of that feeling about jazz which many of us recognize, the European Jazz. Crossing chamber and folk languages with the American Jazz heritage, always through their own contemporary sensitivities."

SCHERZO – Pablo Sanz 


"Baldo Martínez... Who conducts most of his activities at home, and it’s a pity that almost everything must be solved within the Spanish walls, being a musician of extreme interest, as this beautiful last CD reconfirms."

 "In summary, two are the mayor winning elements of both group and album: the leader’s capability to write and organise and the timbral blend between violin and trombone."

 "The result, as we mentioned, is noteworthy."

MUSICA JAZZ-Alberto Bazzurro

(I T A L Y)


"Free expression music, in form and substance, paused and well-tempered, based on the instrumental balance that searches and reaches the beauty without provocation nor apparent effort but naturally, with Baldo Martínez steering the wheel from the back of the quartet, making Dominique Pifarély and Samuel Blaser’s interactions shine and placing Ramón López as the accurate metronome."


"Nine chapters of an audible book with no established beginning or end, where the listener designs his own outline to sort the chapters according to your personal taste or convenience."

TOMAJAZZ – Enrique Farelo


"-From free improvisation to chamber and folk European music- as from the speech, underlies the fundamentals of a relevant record, able to weave several plots in the same theme." 

"Before falling into diffusion, the album turns out exemplary in the gathering and expansion spaces, fixing, at the same time, one of the jazz peaks in the domestic season."

DIARIO DE JEREZ – Salvador Catalán


"The music proposed by the Galician double-bass player is not intended for consumption but to listen to it. Even if you can let yourself involved by these compositions and do as if you had nothing to do with it, at the end, they get you and you have to take sides. That’s why it’s art, because it compels you to participate."

 "Isla de piedra (Stone island)... It’s a long theme and halfway of it they can afford a beautiful passage in which the trombone stands out above and beyond his fellows. Afterwards, the double-bass dyes the Atlantic sunset with a solo that traps you without mercy."

 "And to finish Locura otoñal (Autumn madness), what a wonderful composition! Are they my fantasies or in this frenetic rythm there is a wink to Piazzolla’s Otoño porteño?"

BIRITMOS – Cándido Querol 


"Baldo Martínez is one of these musicians in the Spanish scene who has best succeeded in integrating the contemporary and the essences, not being kind neither tough with none of them, just leading the way. Meeting these three musicians facilitates the task –as intellectual projection first and as a creative one later– of materializing a desire of requirement and permanence on our own place in Europe."


"Martínez's writing makes possible finding a connection space for this absolutely timely and necessary union with the contemporary drive, the nostalgic view and the strength of the concepts."

 "The record is full of unique and collective findings, of openings walked one step at a time, metaphors of the Camino de Santiago, with its energy and its longing as a communication path in Europe, already global. They are polyphonies from the past and the present, with a chamber format that owes nothing to neither genres, not to a border nor an identity either."

 "There is an emphatic and wounded message in this brilliant and nonconformist music, far from traditional style parameters within jazz. There is construction, personality and identity. And real European inclusive culture."


"Sombra (Shadow) is a perfect piece to define each musicians’ form and the descriptive space. It clarifies Pifarély's sharp and hurtful lyricism, Blaser’s forcefulness and presence between substance and gas that disperse, López’s disorganised, latent and uncomfortable rhythm, Martínez’s rocky reinforcement of the ideas that provide encouragement."

NOISELF-Jesús Gonzalo