Cuarteto Europa

Baldo Martínez Grupo

Dominique Pifarély - Violín

Samuel Blaser - Trombone

Ramón López - Drums & percussión

Baldo Martínez - Double bass

Juan Saiz - Flute  & Tenor sax

David Herrington - Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Pedro López - Drums & perccusion

Baldo Martínez -  Double bass


The new project Baldo Martínez "Cuarteto Europa"

propose another step in his career, working with featured musicians linked to European contemporary jazz movement, from different aesthetic and geographical areas, and develop his music with musicians who bring their personality and experience to this new musical adventure.

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The new edition of the Baldo Martínez group, “Vientos
Cruzados ” and from which the new CD with the music of this
new project, carries the same unmistakable stamp of his music, with a open approach that continues to drink from folk sources and contemporaries that have characterized it


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N U 2

Baldo Martínez & Juan Saiz 

Juan Saiz - Flute

Baldo Martínez Double bass

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Projecto Miño

Maite Dono- Voice
Germán Díaz
 - Hurdy - Gurdy
Alejandro Pérez - Tenor and soprano Saxes & Clarinet
David Herrington - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Chaki Mawatari - Tuba & serpentón
Antonio Bravo - Guitar
Lucía Martínez- Vibes & percussión
Pedro López - Drums & Percussión
Baldo Martínez Double bass & direction

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